Industrial Floor Coatings 

by Gazpro Floor

Industrial Floor Coatings can make your floor surfaces smooth and easy to clean. It is formulated to resist impact, slip, heat or fire that helps improve the safety.

As there is high usage of chemicals in most of the factories, warehouses and industrial plants, getting the floors covered with industrial floor coatings can make their concrete floors chemical resistant. Other than industrial purposes, it is also suitable for residential use because safety must always be the top priority regardless of being at home or business.

There are various colors and styles available to suit your preference for industrial floor coatings. While enhancing the floor durability and safety, you may also get it beautified. Call us today! We are certified epoxy flooring contractor in Malaysia.


We are industrial floor coatings specialist in Malaysia. We are specialized in major types of industrial floor coatings. Call us today to get FREE quote on your floor coatings solution.